Chess Board

I figured my chess set would make a great subject for some still-life photos.  I actually really like how these turned out!

This is the first time that I went with the black background approach.  In the background, I actually have a white backdrop. By keeping the shutter speed high and the strobe angled so it didn’t hit the backdrop, it actually appears to be black.  I haven’t done this trick outdoors yet, but from my understanding you can actually do this in the middle of the daytime.

King and Queen in Silhouette
King and Queen in Silhouette


King and queen in perspective
King and queen in perspective

Day 9

Half of the electrical in my house went out today.  After searching for hours for a tripped GFCI, testing voltages in the breaker, and inspecting wiring I finally discovered that it was a tripped GFCI in the master bathroom.  The circuit this little bugger tripped included:

  • Dining room outlets
  • Dining room overhead light
  • Kitchen overhead light
  • Over-the-range microwave plug
  • Outlets in the family room, including the entertainment center
  • First floor hall lights
  • Outlets in first floor hallway
  • Basement stair lights
  • Two outlets in the basement
  • Overhead flourescents in the basement
  • Fourth bedroom outlets (shares a wall with the master bath)
  • ONE outlet in the master bath.  Not the GFCI on the left wall, just the GFCI on the right wall.  *hangs head in bewilderment*


Day 8

The drive in to work took about an hour and a half (compared to a normal 30 minute drive) and a significant portion of that was being stuck behind these salt trucks.  *sigh*


Day 7



I decided to create a more spectacular splash because the wine glass photo came out so well.  I used a piece of ice this time.  As I was looking at the photo I realized that inverting it would really bring out the cool colors and the water spilling over the edge of the glass.

Here’s some others from the take, and the image in this photo without the inversion.

IceDrop-4 IceDrop-2 IceDrop-1

Day 6

After several trips outside with the snowblower and a total accumulation of more than 14 inches, here’s what the mounds of snow next to the driveway are looking like.


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