Photo365 – Day 40

My cat (Pixel) is very sick.  He has nystagmus which is usually caused by a neurological problem of some sort.  I never thought I’d be one of those people to take their cat to a specialist, but given how quickly his conditions had initial onset and quickly escalated from general unsteadiness to difficulty walking (18 hours).. I want to give him a fighting chance of recovering and hopefully without any long-term effects.

My friend for the past four years.. hoping for fourteen more!

Photo365 – Day 38

Sorry for the long hiatus.. settling into a new job is something that pulls at the priority strings a tad.  I shot my first wedding today and here’s my favorite image of the night.  I was trying to show the motion of the night.  Generally when you’re using the flash, everything just gets frozen and with dancing pictures it looks especially lifeless because you’re EXPECTING to see tons of motion.  I think this picture struck a good balance between sharpness/clarity and showing a bit of motion.  I hope you like it!

Nick and Jess dancing with some motion blur