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Day 9

Half of the electrical in my house went out today.  After searching for hours for a tripped GFCI, testing voltages in the breaker, and inspecting wiring I finally discovered that it was a tripped GFCI in the master bathroom.  The circuit this little bugger tripped included:

  • Dining room outlets
  • Dining room overhead light
  • Kitchen overhead light
  • Over-the-range microwave plug
  • Outlets in the family room, including the entertainment center
  • First floor hall lights
  • Outlets in first floor hallway
  • Basement stair lights
  • Two outlets in the basement
  • Overhead flourescents in the basement
  • Fourth bedroom outlets (shares a wall with the master bath)
  • ONE outlet in the master bath.  Not the GFCI on the left wall, just the GFCI on the right wall.  *hangs head in bewilderment*