Day 5 Explained

Day 5 Pic 2


Here’s a MUCH better shot than my first one.  I tweaked a few things that I didn’t like about the original setup and redid the shoot.  It only took me about 10 minutes of slowly dripping water to get the shot I wanted this time, instead of the hour it originally took.  I bumped the f-stop to f/20, turned up the strobe, and put a black reflector down to limit how much of the wood table showed up in the background.


Day 5 SetupThe picture above shows my workspace for the shoot.  There’s a cable coming out of the side of the camera that goes to my trigger.  I have a wireless trigger, but I wasn’t sure how much latency that would add to the shutter release and we’re dealing in small fractions of a second here.  Off the hot shoe on the camera I have a cord going to my SB-910 off camera flash, and then from there I have a sync cable going to the strobe with a softbox attached (the thing that’s all lit up with the modeling light).  Normally I would just have the flash attached to the camera’s hotshoe but it was difficult making tiny adjustments to the camera positioning with the heavy flash attached.  Also, I’d normally use a small low-powered flash to set off the bigger flash so I don’t need the cable (or use a wireless receiver, but again we’d have latency problems) but I realized I didn’t know half those settings for the big strobe yet so I opted for using the sync cable.

On the table, I place a baking tray to catch the water so I didn’t make a mess, and the red solo cup had the water I used for dripping.  (You’re totally singing the “Red Solo Cup” song in your head now, admit it)  I placed my reflector black side up to darken the background for this shoot.  You can see a big difference between this new picture and the previous one.  Most of that difference was due to the black reflector!

This was probably one of my more complicated setups.  I usually just have my wireless transmitter on the top of the camera and the receiver plugged into the strobe and I’m good to go.