Chess Board

I figured my chess set would make a great subject for some still-life photos.  I actually really like how these turned out!

This is the first time that I went with the black background approach.  In the background, I actually have a white backdrop. By keeping the shutter speed high and the strobe angled so it didn’t hit the backdrop, it actually appears to be black.  I haven’t done this trick outdoors yet, but from my understanding you can actually do this in the middle of the daytime.

King and Queen in Silhouette
King and Queen in Silhouette


King and queen in perspective
King and queen in perspective

Day 8

The drive in to work took about an hour and a half (compared to a normal 30 minute drive) and a significant portion of that was being stuck behind these salt trucks.  *sigh*


Day 6

After several trips outside with the snowblower and a total accumulation of more than 14 inches, here’s what the mounds of snow next to the driveway are looking like.


Day 5


Today I tried to capture dripping water as it fell into a wine glass.  I was dripping it off my fingers because I didn’t have a good way of photographing this under a faucet with the lighting nearby.  I figured it would be fine to use my fingers, but then I ran into an issue of repeating the drips in the exact same place.  My focal plane was probably only a few millimeters thick, even at f/11 and I still wanted the front and back of the wine glass to be out of focus so I didn’t want to go much higher than that.  All that being said, I still think this came out pretty well even though the drop was slightly out of focus.  I ended up using an unsharp mask to bring out the detail as if it was in focus.


Day 4

The stores were crazy during the day (according to Facebook) so we went later in the evening.  Turns out there wasn’t a whole lot left…

Bare Shelves