Photo365 – Day 15

Today I took more pictures of my watch, but this time with a macro lens.  The depth of field on this is about a millimeter or two.  Look at how the facing is in focus but the flight computer on the outside edge isn’t.  I’m amazed that such a shallow depth of field was even possible!

Photo365 – Day 14

Just a little one today.  My main photos will have to wait until tomorrow.  The camera is outside right now doing some star trails.  45 minutes and counting on this exposure.  3 hours total on other photos.  I’m very inexperienced with star trails so it takes a while to get the aperture and ISO figured out in order to expose for as long as I have it exposing for.

Photo365 – Day 13

It was still too overcast to get any good shots of the night sky so I had Monica come outside and we did some light painting.  I love this shot, she looks like she’s powering up in an episode of Dragonball Z..  😉  The gallery has a few more light painting shots, please check them out!  Also, I strongly suggest trying this out yourself.  Just turn your ISO up, shutter speed down, and put the camera somewhere stationary.  Then grab a flash light or some glow sticks and go nuts!

Photo365 – Day 10

I saw the light streaming between the clouds while I was sitting at my desk.  My first thought was to grab the camera and get the shot before the sun went behind another cloud and I’m glad I did!  It could probably be a little brighter, but I brought the exposure down a few steps to give it a darker mood.  Winter IS winning this battle between cold and warmth after all..

Photo365 – Day 7

Hanging out at the Bath City Bistro



Day 7 had me a little busy hanging out with some of my favorite people at the Bath City Bistro.  Granted, I didn’t take the photo (unless I’m Superman and I can move 10 feet in a 200th of a second..) but I’m getting the feeling that quite a few of my multiples of 7 are going to be pictures like this. Friday night is a night to spend with good friends!  I hope you all had a great night with your friends!  🙂

Photo365 – Day 6

One more day and I’ll have been at this a week..  then there’s only 51 more to go before I’m done.  If you think taking a picture a day for a year sounds easy, I challenge you to try the Photo365 challenge.  I already feel like I’ve learned a lot in just six days, so I can promise it is rewarding.  It will be exciting to see if my photos improve from month to month.

For today’s picture, I had originally included the entire tree in the shot.  Once I opened it up in Lightroom, it looked busy.  I ended up cropping down to about a fifth of the original size.  Thankfully my camera has the megapixels to back a drastic crop and still have a usable photo.

Fast and Fun Photos