Photo365 – Day 5

Today’s photo of the day was a lot of fun to shoot and then process afterward!  It’s a simple effect, provided you can keep the camera completely stationary while you’re shooting a sequence of images.  I’ll definitely be trying this again in the summer with a more even light source (the sun) and with the camera zoomed out a bit more.  With the camera zoomed out more I should be able to get more shots of myself or other people doing wild and wacky things.

Photo365 – Day 4

I didn’t really think either of these were worthy of a photo of the day, but together I figured they’d have to do.  Taking a picture every day is already getting difficult!

The Christmas tree was unlit so I took a 15 second exposure.  Pixel was wandering by so I  grabbed him and made him my unwilling subject…  I really need a dedicated strobe, using a speedlight was taking too long between shots to allow for charging.

Moon shots

I took a few more shots tonight that I didn’t think were worthy of “Photo of the Day” but I still wanted to share.  So without further ado, here’s a few shots of the moon.  The moon is actually notoriously difficult to get good shots of.  It’s much brighter than people generally realize.

Nearly full moon
Nearly full moon 2

Photo365 – Day 3

Don't be fooled, that's the moon!


Yeah I know, it looks like a beautiful sunrise/sunset.  Except it’s not.  You’re looking at what the camera sees if you just leave the shutter open a little longer at night with a full moon.

Day three of my Photo365 project and I’m still going strong.  Please leave me a comment with any suggestions for future photos.  I’m sure I’ll need some ideas after only a few more days!

Photo365 – Day 2

Sunset with circular polarizer


Photo for day 2 of my Photo365 project.  I really amped up the vibrancy in Lightroom and I’m not completely happy with the effect, but it was the end of the day and there’s already the screen from my window in the way.  I’ll do better tomorrow!

Fast and Fun Photos